About Wander Women

Wander Women facilitates supportive, empowering wilderness adventures for all  cis and trans women, as well as non-binary people who are comfortable in a space that centers the experiences of women.

Based in Portland, Oregon, our backpacking trips explore the great Northwest.  Who are Wander Women? They are women who want to wander the wilderness, learn new outdoor skills, and enjoy the uplifting camaraderie of other women. Come on an adventure with us to laugh, learn, connect, reflect, and grow! No matter your experience level, a Wander Women trip will be a fun, energizing, and empowering way to invest in yourself and experience the wilderness. We can’t wait to meet you!  

Wander Women Adventure!

A Wander Women trip is an adventure! Trips are designed to challenge you at a level that is fun and empowering. In the wilderness, there is always something to learn and every day brings a new adventure. Each trip is tailored to the interests, fitness level, and experience of the participants.


Wander Women Learn!

Whether you are a wilderness junkie or an outdoor newbie, a Wander Women trip will be an opportunity to learn something new. If you have never been camping, we will teach you everything you need to know. We provide detailed packing lists with tips and tricks, we host a pre-trip meeting to help you pack and give gear advice, and we include you in all the “camp craft” activities from backcountry cooking to map reading.  As a trained Biologists, Kori loves to geek out about the environment, which serves to deepen the connection to place during the trip experience. If you are an experienced outdoorswoman, you already know that adventures with a new group of people always expand your knowledge, and Wander Women trips tailor the balance of teaching, adventuring, and relaxing for the culture and experience level of each group.

Wander Women Laugh!

The fun company of other women and the relaxation of nature never fail to bring out contagious laughter! Add in the inevitable challenges and unpredictable absurdities of wilderness travel, and hilarious jokes are bound to emerge. When you step away from the routine of everyday, all you have to worry about is walking, eating, sleeping. This blissful simplicity, combined with a friendly community, incubates free and easy laughter.

Wander Women Connect!

Spending time in nature is a wonderful way to connect with other women and join a growing community of rad ladies. When you strip away the daily routine, technology, and societal expectations, it’s easy to relax and be yourself. When you add the peace of nature and the inherently team-building experience of wilderness adventure, the connections that form are truly something special! Whether you are with women you’ve known your whole life or a group of strangers, you will find a lasting sense of community on a Wander Women trip.

Wander Women Grow!

Wander Women trips are an opportunity to take time for yourself to reflect and grow. We facilitate intentional reflection activities and and empowering challenges throughout the trip. The all-women group provides a uniquely supportive environment to ask questions and try new skills. You’ll leave feeling empowered, energized, and confident. The Wander Women community is here to build each other up!

About Kori

For me, spending time in the great outdoors is energizing, centering, empowering, and peaceful. I have over 15 years of professional experience working in the outdoors, and in recent years I have discovered a passion for teaching and sharing wilderness adventures with others – especially other women. In nature, I find that groups of women in can empower, support, teach, and laugh together in ways that are truly special, and I want to share that with you. I founded Wander Women to share my experience with other women, and to create a place for women to connect away from the confines of every-day life.

When I’m not in my tent (ok, I’m not really in my tent quite as often as I’d like to think), I live in Portland with my cat Hamlin and my husband. I enjoy all manner of outdoor activities, but I find the most joy in backpacking, flatwater kayaking, trail running, and nordic skiing. I love these activities because they are meditative when done alone, and when done with friends allow for ample conversation and laughter. What more could you want!

I grew up in the great northwest, and first learned to love the outdoors from my family. My parents fell in love while hiking the Continental Divide trail in Colorado, and they made sure all our childhood trips felt like grand adventures. After high school I headed to the midwest where I studied Biology, Biochemistry, and Spanish and spent my summers working at outdoor camps. I had a wonderful experience, but after four years I was ready to come back out west. I attended graduate school in central Washington to study amphibians and genetics, all the while venturing into the mountains whenever possible. After working some seasonal outdoor jobs, I took a position managing a forestry research lab at OSU. In 2015 I took my love of biology and nature in a new direction, as the manager of the outdoor program at Lewis & Clark College in Portland. When I’m not on a Wander Women adventure, I teach outdoor skills to college students and manage the college outdoor trips.

I am a NOLS Wilderness Medicine certified Wilderness First Responder. I also have training in Leave No Trace principles (Center for Outdoor Ethics), Psychological First Aid (Responder Alliance), professional driving (Alert Driving), and a Food Handler Card (Multnomah County).

I can’t wait to have an adventure with you!

-Kori Rosenstiel

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